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Romance in the PNW: Adventure Style

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

How to get out of your comfort zone and play during your photo session - it will make for better photos, and better memories.

Look at him, and memorize his eyes as if you'll never see them again.

So, I have this craving for adventure. Being a photographer in the Pacific Northwest means there's plenty of that to go around. Problem is, as much as I crave adventure, I'm also scared of it. Nothing like a photography vision to push me out of my comfort zone. Enter, Angela + John. Now, when this bride-to-be told me she wanted us to canoe out to a waterfall and scale rocks, I instantly said, "I volunteer as tribute!" but inside I was scared as all get out. I knew though, that this was an adventure I did not want to miss out on. Boy was I right. We braved the water (I'm not a fan...at all), scaled rocks, evaded bees, and nearly broke my camera equipment, and it was all worth it. Every second.

It was nothing shy of magical. And it certainly was adventurous. I can talk about the adventure of that day, and how lovely it was, sure. But I can also take you on another adventure - the adventure of the process of a photo session with me. If you're anything like me, the thought of a photo session, however much desired, puts butterflies in your stomach! I don't blame you. What if it's awkward? What if you don't know what to do? That's where I come in. Hi, how ya doin? I'm awkward, goofy, and creative so you don't have to be. Let me take care of everything, and you have fun. Make some memories.

Pretend you're Rose + Jack in Titanic

So how do we get there? It depends on the session, but lets take this session for example. We met, and I immediately began making jokes about me being in a canoe. Because if you know me, you know, me being in a canoe is a humorous event. Trust me on this, it is. So we broke the ice. Next, well we got in the canoe, which had a bounty of laughter associated with it...because, well, me entering a canoe. Then the fun began. I got to sit back and take photos as they told me about their love story, the way they met, and the little things that made them, them. We got to the waterfall, and we played around for a bit. I asked them to say silly things - "On the count of three, both of you say where you had your first kiss. Now where you were when you first said I love you." I asked her at one point to tell me an embarrassing story about him. And what she'd happily get rid of first from his closet. I asked him to hold her close, for them to breathe each other in, and think about the first time she farted in front of him. This is how I make memories for people. I ask you questions and say silly things to get you to react genuinely. And at the end of the session, you've had a fun date together. Be it a couple, a family, or a group of friends, I promise at the end of your session you've had a blast. Because photography isn't boring, you're not boring, and I'm certainly not. So what are you waiting for? I can't wait to hear from you and talk to you about your next session.